• Moonlight over the Lotus Pond
  • Karesansui
  • Hui-style ancient mansion

Fantastic and intoxicating scenery

“The sun is setting fast in the west while the moon is rising gradually from the east. Delightful cool supersedes heat, which is suitable for opening window and taking a rest. Lotus gives off fragrance, and dew on the bamboo drops with clear sound.” Pavilion and bridge, flowers and trees, fishes and duckweed create picturesque scenery around the lotus pond. At dusk you can take a walk here to appreciate poetic landscape and immerse yourself in the artistic conception.

Spiritual cleansing, quiet mind

Designed by Ohashi who is a top landscape artist in Japan, Karesensui perfectly echoes with the hotel’s main entrance. The ground is paved with white gravel and stacked stones, creating artistic conception and Zen-like atmosphere, thus to form philosophical aesthetics enfolding music, painting and literature. You will obtain different inspiration from every appreciation.

Culture showplace, the integration of ancient and modern culture

Situated in the garden to the west side of hotel’s main entrance, Hui-style ancient mansion was built in the reign of Emperor Jiaqing of Qing Dynasty ( in 1797), with a history of 215 years from now. Its former address is old Huizhou region (i.e. Xinfeng County of Jiangxi Province). However, aiming to protect historical and cultural heritage, GENZON Group paid huge investment to relocate the mansion in Castle Hotel, adopting ancient building methods and restoring the mansion through tenon joints rather than nails. Lifelike stone carving, wood carving and brick carving fully reveal the essence of Chinese traditional architecture.

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  • Bicycle Greenway
  • Children's Playground
  • Lovers’ Road in the Flowers

Bicycle tour with different delight

With overall length of 7.5km, the bicycle greenway starts from the garden, along the way through Hui-style ancient mansion, practice court of GENZON Golf Club, mountaineering road,etc. During the outdoor bicycle tour, you can obtain different delight by walking on the wooden trestle over lake as well as going fishing, to experience “seven interests and ten enjoyments”.
(Seven interests refer to affection, joy, naughtiness, hobby, friendship, childhood and book obsession; ten enjoyments refer to going for a walk, talking, lotus appreciation, flower appreciation, sunbath, meditation, nip, music appreciation, painting and gathering.)
The bicycle greenway attracts a lot of people even far away to have a try.

Fun for kids

Children’s playground is located in garden area to the left side of Castle Hotel, providing recreational facilities for children.
There are unique rotary slide, interesting ladder as well as colorful recycled rubber floor, to create a static and dynamic paradise.

Leisure stroll

The Lovers’ Road starts from the lotus pond, along the way through outdoor wedding plaza, extended area of lobby bar and garden pool, etc.
Magnificent building stands on one side of the road, with luxury balconies clearly visible; while on the other side, there are lush flowers and grass, which attract bees and butterflies to dance trippingly. Therefore, it’s a good place for stroll.