• Rongyue Restaurant
  • Xiuchu Western Restaurant
  • Ohashi Japanese Restaurant
  • Qijianfang Healthy- Hot Pot

Glorid Restaurant welcomes all guests to enjoy authentic cuisine and enjoy festive times in a luxurious environment, with elegant and comfortable space. The exclusive 16 VIP rooms, harmonious green golf course, quiet and elegant environment all around, are a feast for the eyes. The restaurant brings together essential creative cuisines from all over the world. A variety of its trademark dishes, such as Fresh Abalone and Birds Nest, Dragon-flying Lobsters, Alaskan Crab, etc., coupled with fine wine or tea, ensure you satisfy your palate and enjoy good food to your hearts content.

  • 1-3/F, District C of Castle Hotel
  • 0755-88888828 ext. Rongyue Restaurant, or direct dialing: 84845888

Its a delicacy world gathering abundant seafood, fresh vegetables, famous cuisines and other Chinese and Western food, with buffet or order as you like. The specialties, including Coconut Stewed with Hasma and Stewed Shark-Fin Soup, will meet different tastes. You can appreciate splendid scenery of golf course while drinking fruit juice or red wine. Perfect cuisines feast is available for you.

  • 1/F of Castel Hotel
  • 0755-88888828 ext. 8330

Walk into the Ohashi Japanese Restaurant and you will find yourself wrapped in authentic Japanese aroma and fragrance. Two exquisite and elegantly-decorated VIP rooms, with cherry flowers, Japanese fans and other traditional items vividly decorated on the wall, present the unique Japanese food culture in an authentic style. Highly-popular featured dishes like Luxury Frost Steak, exquisite roes and beef rolls, Japanese-style hotpot, teppanyaki, will provide the authentic taste of Japan. Delicious food, beautiful scenery, fascinating environment, authentic Japanese-style service, undoubtedly the best choice for enjoying Japanese food or treating guests.

  • B1, District C of Castle Hotel
  • 0755-88888828 ext. 8350

As the unusual name suggests, The Seven Room Restaurant provides a singular taste experience. Seven European style decorated VIP rooms, serve top-class hotpot dishes. The lush greenery outside the windows, delicious food and beautiful environment perfectly complement each other. Carefully selected fresh, high-fiber, low-calorie, top-grade snowflake beef, seafood and other native ingredients are used in order to create the best of tastes. Using specially made copper pots, our master chef joins hands with our health consultant to prepare a secret recipe hotpot soup. The dining environment, ingredients and preparation methods have all reached the highest level in taste and culinary perfection.

  • B1, District C of Castle Hotel
  • 0755-88888828 ext. 8339, or direct dialing: 28366299

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  • Lobby bar
  • Show bar

The best ever seats at Castle Hotel are undoubtedly the open-air seats from the lobby bar extending to the golf course. Sit in comfort and sip some delightful English tea in the afternoon as you nibble on exquisite snacks. Listen to the chiming bells, to birds singing melodiously, spring waters gurgling pleasantly, watch butterflies flittering everywhere, immerse yourself in the natural fragrances emanating all-around, and unwind your mind, body and soul as you embrace nature in all its glory. Established at the end of the lobby bar, the Wine & Cigar bar is an amazing world. Indulge in elegance and taste with fine wines and top-class cigars.

  • Hotel lobby
  • 0755-88888828 ext. 8338

As a private area for entertainment, the show bar creates ease and joyful atmosphere but without disturbing privacy. Comprised of luxury KTV VIP room seating 20-40 people, performance stage and bar counter, it is equipped with American Bose stereo system which is an innovator in sound reproduction technology, karaoke, HD projection and other facilities, preferred by people for high-end fashion party or corporate events.

  • B2, District C of Castle Hotel
  • 0755-88888828 ext. 8368